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Father of Great Britain girl missing in Kingdom of Cambodia says he's losing hope

Father of Great Britain girl missing in Kingdom of Cambodia says he's losing hope

The father of congenital abnormality Bambridge, a people girl missing on Koh Rong island in Kingdom of Cambodia, has aforesaid he's losing hope that his girl are going to be found alive.
The 21-year-old from geographic area visited a celebration on Police Beach with concerning six friends and was last seen at some 3am time on weekday (2100 BST on Wednesday). CCTV footage of walkways close to the beach reviewed on Monday showed she received the party at concerning 2am, but did not show her returning.

 rocks next to Police Beach on Thursday morning. Phil Bambridge aforesaid that thanks to reports and proof 

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he had seen concerning her disappearance, he feared his daughter may have made an uncharacteristic lapse in judgment on her night out.
“I spoke to her [before her trip] concerning safety, safety, safety, safety,” he said. “And she was like, ‘Yeah’, she knew concerning all that. She was always reliable, switched on. But i feel she still stone-broke her own rules. She had her safety rules, and she let them slip, and she’s now paid the ultimate price.”

A Cambodian official operating with police on Koh Rong aforesaid on Monday an area man was reproval officers on the island, but had not been suspected of or charged with any crime. The man had allegedly been the topic of complaints by girls over incidents unrelated to Bambridge. He wasn't believed to possess attended the beach party.
Police searched the man’s garments and different possessions in an exceedingly hostel wherever he worked. Harry Bambridge, in the middle of police, checked the property for items that may have belonged to his sister.
Search groups continued  to unfolded across Koh Rong’s seventy eight sq kilometer (30 sq miles) of land, and therefore the ocean around it. Three Cambodian troopers examined dense jungle close to Police Beach, one in every of several teams looking on foot. They used machetes to hack through underwood, visited remote houses, and broke locks off storage units to check inside.
Phil Bambridge aforesaid he had not thought of however long the family would stay on Koh Rong. He lives in Vietnam, wherever he's employed as associate English language teacher, and had been looking forward to his daughter joining him there.
He aforesaid congenital abnormality was a “very clever, bright person She wished to backpack for concerning 3 or four months then come back to Vietnam associated be an ESL [English as a second language] teacher. She had plans to travel to Australia and New Zealand. She just wanted to enjoy herself.”

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When asked what proportion hope he had left concerning what might have happened

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