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Bolsonaro says he's fighting corruption. So why is he surrounded by scandal?

Bolsonaro says he's fighting corruption. So why is he surrounded by scandal?

here could be a high contradiction at the center of Brazilian politics: the country’s reactionist president, Jair Bolsonaro, was elective  on AN anti-corruption platform – music to the ears of a population that has been exploited for many years by general corruption.
But the “anti-corruption” president and his family ar currently subsumed by multiple corruption scandals suggesting serious criminalism.

But the foremost serious and alarming scandal options Bolsonaro’s eldest son, Flávio, UN agency could be a federal legislator.At the end of 2018, the media reported that one of Flávio’s aides, the former military police officer Fabrício Queiroz, had for years been depositing sums of money into Flávio’s personal bank account.  “ghost” workers UN agency do no work and chill a part of their salaries.

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But this scandal reworked into one thing way darker and a lot of grave: Queiroz, investigators have aforementioned, has ties to the violent and dangerous paramilitary gangs that currently rule a lot of of metropolis de Janeiro.Worse, for over a decade, Flávio used each the married person and therefore the mother of Adriano Magalhães prosecuting attorney Nóbrega, the alleged leader of Rio’s most powerful and violent paramilitary gang – an equivalent gang investigators have all over disbursed the brutal assassination in 2018 of First State Janeiro|Rio|city|metropolis|urban center} de Janeiro’s black, LGBT, favela-raised town councillor Marielle dictator. (Franco, an in depth friend of my family, served alongside me in the city council as a member of my party, the leftwing socialist PSOL, until she was murdered.) Flávio defended himself by claiming that the hiring had been “at

 the indication of former aide Fabricio Queiroz”.

That the president’s eldest son allegedly has such shut ties to the current paramilitary gang was alarming however not entirely shocking. These “militias”, as they're known  in Brazil, are largely composed of former and current members of the military police and military.
Bolsonaro, a former military officer, incorporates a history of complimentary these militias as well-meaning volunteer teams dedicated to fighting crime. All 3 of his politician-sons – together with his youngest political son, Eduardo, a former member of the federal police – have additionally praised these militias. Still, the very fact that Bolsonaro’s son – a member of the foremost powerful political family in Brazil – would be using members of the family of this specific metropolis militia afraid the state. And those ties were even more disturbing when it became clear that Queiroz, the aide that Flávio claimed was responsible for hiring the family members of that militia, is linked to Bolsonaro and his wife, too.

All 3 of Bolsonaro’s politically active son

One of the unexplained deposits created by Queiroz includes one created to the private checking account of Bolsonaro’s married person, Michelle. And photos revealed that Queiroz, aside from being Flávio’s close aide for a full decade, seemed to enjoy a close friendship with Bolsonaro himself.
Worse still, a photo surfaced in March showing Bolsonaro grinning and draping his arm around one of the former police officers who is suspected of murdering Marielle Franco. daughter of the other police officer arrested for Marielle’s murder.As the investigation into Flávio unpleated, the police tried to interrogate Queiroz concerning however he might have acquire possession of sums of cash way in way over his financial gain as a political aide and former police officer. But once a outlandish tv interview during which he mistily claimed that he had become made by virtue of his love for “buying and selling” used cars, Queiroz disappeared completely: hidden in a neighborhood contro

The phrase “Where is Queiroz?” has become a taunting net acculturation wont to symbolise the criminalism at the center of the Bolsonaro family also as a protest against the stalled, and perhaps deliberately impeded, investigating, which to date has arrested no one. Brazil’s largest news magazine, Veja, recently published a cover story announcing that, unlike the Rio police, it had succeeded in “finding Queiroz”: living in a wealthy neighborhood near Brazil’s most expensive personal hospital, where he regularly goes for treatment.into the still-mysterious deposits created into the checking account of his eldest son and his married person. The president has most relinquished his name as AN anti-corruption crusader together with his now-obvious fixation on making certain that no investigation is permissible to proceed.

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Bolsonaro has removed officers from the branch of the federal police investigation Flávio and Queiroz. He is threatening to alter the leadership of the metropolis branch of the federal police and replace them with loyalists to his family. He has stripped the agency that discovered Flávio’s suspicious monetary movements of just about all of its authorities. He appointed as chief prosecuting officer a person UN agency is brazenly essential of the anti-corruption investigation that Sérgio Moro crystal rectifier. And simply last month it absolutely was reportable that Bolsonaro had a gathering within the presidential palace with the attorney representing Flávio within the corruption investigation.Meanwhile, Bolsonaro’s other son, the city councilman Carlos Bolsonaro, is under investigation for the same kickback scheme of which his older brother is suspected. And Bolsonaro’s decide to appoint his son Eduardo as Brazil’s ambassador to the US has been wide viewed as corrupt if not AN illegitimate act of favouritism.

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